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Boulder Hacienda

Project type

Residential Design




Boulder, Colorado


Lead Designer

The Boulder Hacienda artfully captures the stunning Rocky Mountains with panoramic views to the West. Here, the client's sketchbook concept comes to life through a meticulous process of design refinement and execution. Designed in a traditional hacienda style, this home includes a spacious central courtyard, facilitating a private and immersive connection with the outdoors year-round. Emphasizing sustainability and energy efficiency, the residence boasts double-stud exterior walls filled with a 14" thick layer of dense-pack cellulose. Notable features include radiant in-floor heating and cooling, along with the use of geothermal energy for efficient climate control. West-facing windows are equipped with low-emissivity coatings, a crucial detail to minimize heat transfer, enhance energy efficiency, and maintain a comfortable indoor environment throughout the seasons.

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