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CEB Ranch House for Colorado Earth

"The house has met and or exceeded our energy and comfort expectations... warm & comfortable in the winter, cool and dry in the summer!" ~JCamp

Date: 2018
Location: Buena Vista, Colorado
Role: Lead Designer

For their retirement home, the clients sought an environmentally efficient residence constructed primarily from earth-based materials. In consideration of passive cooling during the summer, the residence features 10" thick compressed earth block walls with rigid insulation to the exterior, contributing to a naturally cool indoor environment. A masonry-surrounded wood-fired fireplace was incorporated into the design to provide effective winter heating, utilizing thermal mass to efficiently and effectively ensure warm and comfortable temperatures in the colder months. Exposed earthen blocks and wood timber lintels infuse the interior spaces with a harmonious blend of natural elements. Outside, the warm hues of rust-toned corrugated panels, complemented by buff stucco, richly stained wood trim, and artfully arranged boulder landscaping seamlessly integrate the residence with the breathtaking Rocky Mountain landscape. This conscientious selection of materials and design elements underscores the commitment to both sustainability and aesthetic cohesion in the construction of their home.

Compressed Earth Block residential Design by Elizabeth Hurtado for Colorado Earth LLC.

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