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CEB Marshall Fire Rebuild for Colorado Earth

"With the unpredictable weather patterns, and climate disasters that are becoming more and more frequent, and chronic health conditions, and rises in cancer; we all need to look for ways to build homes that are safer, more airtight, stronger, non-combustible, have lower carbon footprints, have fewer toxins with better inside air quality, and are more efficient." ~MGlover @blazinglightyoga

Date: 2023
Location: Sagamore, Colorado
Role: Lead Designer

After the devastating 2021 Marshall Fire, with a desire & commitment to remain in the area, the clients chose to reconstruct their home using non-flammable earth blocks, guided by the principle that "earth doesn't burn." This strategic choice reflects a conscientious consideration for fire-resistant building materials. Compressed earth blocks, composed of a lime-stabilized sand & clay mixture, offer a resilient, low-carbon and fire-safe alternative, aligning with the client's commitment to prioritizing safety and sustainability. This decision underscores a thoughtful approach to design and construction, emphasizing not only the aesthetic appeal but also a proactive response to safety concerns within the built environment.

Compressed Earth Block Residential Design by Elizabeth Hurtado for Colorado Earth LLC.

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