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Compressed Earth Block Casita for Colorado Earth

"First off I love it, it feels right and solid, gives me inspiration and confidence when I'm in there artsing around." ~DLeroy

Date: 2020
Location: Nederland, TX
Role: Lead Designer

A compact workshop encompassing a 200-square-foot interior space features double-wythe compressed earth block walls, compound arches, and a shallow dome brick 'boveda' with a central skylight. The incorporation of glass block elements and embedded glass bottles within the walls impart a decorative quality reminiscent of jewels arranged in the form of a sine wave.

James Anthony (@bovedas_anthony) led the dome workshop. The domed 'boveda' was built using only a guide on a swivel without the need for formwork! The CEB Boveda Workshop video includes a Plastering Demo by BioLime.

Compressed Earth Block Shed design by Elizabeth Hurtado for Colorado Earth LLC.

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