Second iteration of “beauty isn’t interested in perfection”

phyllotaxis, fibonacci, plants, natural patterns

Elizabeth Hurtado 2016, Corridor II Gallery, Tarrant County College SE, Arlington TX

Ebb at Terrain Dallas

Ebb_2016_01Ebb_2016_02http://terraindallas.tumblr.com/post/137420155203/elizabeth-hurtado-and-andie- sterling-ebb

Installation: beauty isn’t interested in perfection

On view at the Cliff Gallery @ Mountain View College. April 6 through May 1, 2015.


Elizabeth Hurtado 2015. Ink on paper.

A study in contrasts: light vs. dark, trash vs. treasure, order vs. chaos, and the intrinsically oxymoronic aspects of geometric arrangements generated by natural forms. Handmade paper scraps are arranged in the shape of a botanical phyllotaxis which is a self-propagating leaf arrangement.


Her Obsidian Intentions @ Cliff Gallery

Her Obsidian Intentions

Place Pavilion: Sound Booth


Place Pavilion: Sound Booth will be up through January 5, 2015 at Davis Foundry in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, TX.

Portal II at 500X Gallery


Portal II on display March 8th – 30th at 500X (Upstairs Gallery)
Opening Reception March 8th 7:00-10:00 PM

500X Gallery
500 Exposition Avenue
Dallas, TX 75226

elizabeth hurtado, woven plastic yarn, art, installation

Portal II (Foci II) 2014 – woven plastic yarn.